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Synthblitz updates VA RAXS to v1.2

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Synthblitz Audio has released v1.2 update for its VA RAXS mastering virtual multi-effect rack VST plug-in for Windows.

What’s new in VA RAXS v1.2:

  • RMS and dBfs analyzer for each module and all outputs
  • New features for the sub module (Q control and more)
  • Frequency cutoff control between 1Hz and 40Hz for the incoming signal
  • Mono/Bypass switch in the amplifier for comparison
  • 3 incoming signal processing modes: Bypass saturators, Internal saturators and Analog Saturators
  • New After Output Compensation feature (up to -1.5dBfs)
  • New settings for the input and output gains
  • New internal saturators
  • New Circuit Emulator algorithm for the VA mode
  • Visual alert when the output level is above 0dB
  • Changed EQ settings (from +/- 24dB to +/- 12dB)
  • Add visual features plasma emulator in the amplifier
  • New setting for pre-delay in the reverb
  • New settings for the limiter with a two-way switch (-0.1dBfs and -1dBfs)
  • Speed control for the limiter now works with the attack
  • Improved Fast compressor mode
  • Various corrections and improvements


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