U-He Uhbik
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sonicsnap 01/09/2013

U-He Uhbik : sonicsnap's user review


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Installation and Authorization simple. Interfaces very clear and pleasant (and pretty) are you going easily from handbook.


No problem on my Mac Pro / Digital Performer. These plug-ins are not processor intensive. Some have an "eco" mode but I have not had to use it.


I use Uhbik several years. The pack offers no less than nine plug-ins. Runciter: Filter and distortion. I happily used on voice (in a industrial.) But this is obviously not exclusive. This plug fits many situations. Uhbik A: Ambience processor, with reverb makes any necessary adjustments and for the effects very "spacey". Uhbik D: Delay, one that I have used the least because it has many competitors in my collection of plugs, but very well done incidentally. Uhbik F: Flanger with many unusual settings for a wide range of special effects. Uhbik G: Grains and phase vocoder. Probably my favorite. This kind of effect is often entertaining results, but not easy to put into a mix. Here is just the opposite: Whatever his origin, there is always a preset that gives something interesting, original and mixable. Epatant! Uhbik P: Phaser. As for the flanger, we obtain here a whole range of effects of phasing out the strict sense. Uhbik Q: Equalizer, intuitively useful for modifying the color of a sound. Longer be regarded as an effect that such a simple tool for equalization. The midi-learn to create nice effects wha-wha via the modulation wheel, for example. Uhbik S: Frequency Shifter. Wha wha and many special effects, perhaps not as obvious as those of Uhbik G, but deserve to be tested when looking for unconventional sounds. Finally Uhbik T: Tremolo, highly recommendable for electric pianos, organs and mallets. What is common to these effects, it is of course the quality of their sound, but they all have the original settings from their title. However, and this is what is most important to me, they are very intuitive, which makes authoring tools used in everyday life. The quality / price ratio of this series of plugs is excellent. I would do this so far and I recommend acquisition.