Waves Gold Native Bundle
Waves Gold Native Bundle

Gold Native Bundle, Other effects bundle or multi-effect from Waves.

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beatsbyclos 04/14/2015

Waves Gold Native Bundle : beatsbyclos's user review

« Great Starting Place for Mixing Tools »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
Waves Gold is one the industry’s most popular mixing and mastering bundles. If you are new to mixing, I would highly recommend Waves Gold for getting your feet wet. It comes with 29 great plug-ins you can use at your disposal. That’s just enough tools on your belt for you too experience with, without overwhelming you. If you take the time to make this bundle work for you, you will know exactly what you need and what you don’t need in the future every time a new plug-in releases.

Personally, I use Q6 Equalizer and the C1 Compressor as my default chain for my mixing template. With the Q6, I can use up to 6 bands to EQ any sound to my liking. The C1 Compressor is also equipped with a gate/expander. This could come in handy for audio that may have a bit of noise behind the main sound or bleed from drum mics that you may want to tame. Waves’ DeEsser has become one of my best friends. Stock de-essers tend to be a bit too sensitive, but I am able to dial in and get the right amount of attenuation on those sibilant frequencies every time. As far as time-based effects, the H-Delay is my go-to delay plug-in for vocals. You can filter the eq of the delay coming, as well as modulate it.

Waves Gold offers all the essentials for any audio engineer. There’s even a hand full of different guitars amps and pedals for guitar players. There’s seven different compressors to choose from. The three reverb plug-ins will come in handy as they will help create great spaces for your mixes. The only thing I would like to see included would be a linear phase EQ. If you have the money, Waves Gold is definitely a good bundle to invest in as it is frequently on sale. The Vitamin Sonic Enhancer is a steal by itself. Using this plug-in, you are able to add “nutrients” to your sound dynamically, and help make your sound more mono or stereo. There’s even a lite auto-tune plug-in included to tame those sharp and flat notes.

Whether you’re a an engineer for commercial songs or for broadcast, Waves Gold has got you covered. I highly recommend starting here and branching out.

Great variety of tools
Great for novice engineers, even better for professionals

No Linear Phase EQ