Blackstar Amplification HT-Dual

HT-Dual, Other guitar saturation effect from Blackstar Amplification in the HT Pedals series.

Enix49 12/23/2010

Blackstar Amplification HT-Dual : Enix49's user review

«  Very good pedal »

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Everything has been said in the description, I spend ...
Heavy housing and quality. contrary to what I read sometimes double potentiometers are not bad, it's just the design that lets too much dust. A helping cleaner contact and hop it goes again.
So 8 out of 10 because of this problem of dust a little annoying at times. Otherwise it's tough.


Simple Config and the possibilities are quite large with the ISF. It has everything from crunch to overdrive until the HiGain distortion. American or British colors to choose from.


Basically it sounds good, but changing lamp (DD about me), we gain in definition and bass. The sound is very warm. I use it in overdrive channel 1 (switch crunch on it) and the gain at two thirds. It depends on the channel2, 50% to 70% gain generally. The TFR is instead turned the British side (13 / 14h approximately) because I play a Fender lamp, so I already have a good basic clean.
In any case it quite dépote live.
On the recordings, it takes very good things with the release emulated 4x12.


I use it for 2 years and I do not regret, especially since the changing lamp!
I played on dozens of overdrive and distortion but it crushes not bad. In any case it suits me perfectly. It's not cut out for the big metal (there are others for that) but for the large energetic rock, it sticks!
Although a bit expensive but it makes good.