Danelectro AX-1 Distortion
Danelectro AX-1 Distortion

AX-1 Distortion, Other guitar saturation effect from Danelectro in the Wasabi series.

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spad91 01/12/2005

Danelectro AX-1 Distortion : spad91's user review


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This is a distortion pedal, with transistors. An input jack, an output jack ... UP TO where everyone follows? ;-)
Small feature, it was not one but two switches: one to enable / disable the distortion, another to enable / disable a boost that will increase its volume for solos, for example.

Setting level, there's plenty to do:

- On top of the pedal knobs are found for the level of the effect, pre-equalization four positions which provides a wide variety of sounds from the 70's distortion to a big fat trick nag, the level of distortion , a 2-band EQ (bass rule the crown and center treble) independent of pre-EQ, and a mix of the effect (you can vary the ratio between the clear sound input and sound output saturated ).

- On the back of the pedal you have two switches that allow you to select the entry-level single coil / humbucker / neutral, and to boost the level of 5 or 10 db.

- Bonus gift: the battery compartment there is a tiny switch that enables or not a slap echo will sound with the distortion (but it is not configurable).

The case is metal, the finish looks to me without reproach, and the design is really nice!


No need for manual: one branch and hack it! ;-)

The knobs are effective, we feel the difference playing with.

The only flaws at this level:

- 2-band equalization requires nimble fingers to go play on the level of bass without disturbing surrounding all knobs, but hey, normally found her trimming and it is left more ...

- All the knobs do not offer the same resistance to rotation: some turn more easily than others, which may make them move with every move. My advice: write down your settings to adjust more easily.


The effects are effective? That's for sure! The distortion would split you in half a wall! We arrive to find her no matter what the style.

Personally, I use it mainly repeated with my Les Paul or my Telecaster, and I am extremely happy for a transistor distortion. I mean it lacks, in my opinion, the hair of grain that a lamp is a distortion ch'touille more "dirty", but hey, we can not ask for a pedal to imitate a Boogie, it would take a miracle! :-P


I use it for a few weeks now and am completely satisfied! :-D

It is near perfection, if we omit the knobs that turn too easily (but I have the same problem on my Boogie, so ...).

I chose it because it is one of the few pedals (the only?) To offer the opportunity to boost for solos. But I later discovered that the boost does not work only when the distortion is switched on: it also works in isolation! :-) So we can also boost its clear sound, or obtain additional gain if we use the saturation of the amplifier, etc. ... It's all good!

The scope of slap echo is nice, although not the most obvious to use, especially if you want to activate / deactivate between songs.

I thought I was subscribed to Boss, I will surely see my decision ...! ;-)