Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor
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pouillotte 05/02/2005

Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor : pouillotte's user review


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- 1 12AX7
- 2 buttons - green: on / off - the red: boost
- 3 large well protected SETTINGS: gain - volume (note that it is very very powerful) - voicing: filter medium (a = 0 EQ flat, thoroughly: EQ V)
- Behind: input, output, external switch (never tried) and power supply

simple and ergonomic, is not. to quibble, real EQ and a separate volume for the channel "boost" would have been helpful all the same. (Cf. TubeFactor II)


This pedal is basically a utlisation FOR scene: it is indestructible, the small foam below handy to absorb any shocks. al c is inside the solid and the connection is also impeccable.
to believe that the engineers at H & K have tested the pedal punks Russian FROM c is so solid. and I have absolutely nothing against the Russian nor the punks, you worry.

Depending on the settings, the pedal acts as a preamp (+ wealth + heat and light) saturation (large panel, see below) or booster.

Once again, we can not do better, especially in groups. I always connected, even on good quality amps, it brings a warmth that I find indispensable.

For real versatility, EQ and volume would have been welcome ... pb solved by adding an external EQ. Personally, I work with a single "sound" (that means as saturates) and I remain a fan of "you plug, it works." in this case, C is the solution.


Its clear sound is both dry and round, bright and rich, who really respect the natural sound of the guitar and the dynamics of your playing a regal, it sounds really good rhythm that much in small solos.

for the big sound, the gain of the original lamp was a little weak for my taste, I have made the beast with a Dopper GrooveTube and, I took a big slap! we go on a saturation always warm but more intense with a lot of medium. nickel for the punkrock fat.
for the hardcore / metal / thrash, EQ needed to tame the power and gain in precision but the result is impressive: the natural sound of the guitar is still present, but with a pair of c *** huuuuge Lles more.

namely: the difference in output level between the channels is sensitive enough light is too low compared to the boost, c is a bit tedious after a while.
attention, channel 2 is a boost, not a second channel c is either a clear, clean, slight saturation boost in either plain crunch and consequently boost saturation (adjustable gain unique)


The Tube Factor is an excellent choice to enhance its color and its a ... "more sir"-and especially the guitarist's amp, all styles. (Lamp eventually change to a very big sound)

j uses the Tube Factor 7 years with an external EQ, it allowed me to keep a good sound regardless of the amp uses ... and a good amp, the result is phenomenal. attention, the natural sound of the guitar is important.

Finally, the price is high but I have no regrets saw the heavy use that I do and in the quality manufacturing of the beast.