Lovetone Cheese Source
Lovetone Cheese Source
riles 05/31/2007

Lovetone Cheese Source : riles's user review


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The Cheese Source is the re-release two classics in a Big Cheese and Brown Source (both models no longer manufactured). Cheese was next to a bunch, grandmother Fuzz, Overdrive and a source side rounder.

By default, the signal passes through the Cheese and the Source. (This is normal: we begin by gorging on cheese before rinsing the mouth with a sip of spring water course.)
It is possible to reverse the order (with a jack 10 cm) or use the two sections on two distinct signals.


Each section has its own bypass (a True Bypass: circuits are completely disconnected from the pedal, so it has the least possible losses).

Cheese Side: we have a drive and setting an output volume control (and therefore input volume to the Source) + setting a tone.
A selector selects one of four modes for the tone: off (no filtering, gross distortion), low-pass (cut more or less acute), band-pass (passes only frequencies close to those chosen with the knob of tone), and how CHEESE (the distortion increases when the signal level decreases: it provides clear sound and attacks of notes for saturated ...)

Source side same story: drive, output volume, tone. A selector to choose again among four modes: off and three kinds of filters.

Supply side there is a choice between an external source (9 to 12 VDC, the more you decrease the voltage, the greater the distortion increases) or a traditional 9V battery. Note: To change the battery just to raise the front by pulling a switch to bypass (no need for screwdrivers, cool!)


This is a great distortion pedal very versatile with its two complementary sections.

On one of my projects (Xavier Machault Swim Again and Orchestra) we were looking for a keyboard distortion Rhodes Mk2. We tried my Sansamp rack, a RAT, a Russian Big Muff: none of the pedals did not give a convincing result. And Cheese Source has given us a rich, warm and clear at once aggressive and soft as chords, which met the pianist's nuances while giving potatoes we wanted.


I confirm, it's a good distortion pedal! (It's better for the price ...)