Eowave Eobody3 Modular
Eowave Eobody3 Modular

Eobody3 Modular, Other module for modular synthesizer from Eowave.

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Eowave Eobody3 Modular

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With Eobody3 for MODULAR, Eowave has developped a range of modules (eurorack format), designed to offer a bridge between modular systems and other protocol devices.


With a choice of 6 modules to control modular synthesizers directly with USB, MIDI, sensors, computer, Ethernet (OSC), iPhones, iPads, lights and vice versa… Eobody3 for MODULAR is described as "the missing link" between the modular world and today’s technology. It’s now possible to control modular synths parameters with software, to control software with modular synths.


Eobody3 MODULAR modules are working with the module EO-300 Eobody3 MODULAR CORE. Then, add the module of your choice depending on your needs:


EO-300 Eobody3 Core

  • Transform your modular into an audio device inside your computer
  • 1 activity LED
  • Analogue to digital converter with multiprotocol preprocessing (based on ESS developped by Eowave)
  • USB I/O
  • Compatible MIDI
  • Signal preprocessing
  • Supports 4 modules (32 i/o)


  • MIDI ports for EO-300 Eobody3 CORE
  • Midi In
  • Midi out
  • Add MIDI in and out connectivity.
  • Requires EO-300 Eobody3 CORE
http://www.eowave.com/product_img/EO302.jpg EO-302 Eobody3 LAN
  • LAN port for EO-300 Eobody3 CORE
  • For Ethernet and OSC
  • Requires EO-300 Eobody3 CORE

EO-303 Eobody 3 Analogue In

  • 8 x 3,5’’ jack analogue in 0-10V
  • 8 x 3,5’’ jack gate in to use an analogue sequencer within Live or Reaktor
  • Lets you integrate max into your modular system.
  • Requires EO-300 Eobody3 CORE
http://www.eowave.com/product_img/EO304.jpg EO-304 Eobody3 Analogue Out
  • 8 x 3,5’’ jack analogue voltage out 0-10V
  • 8 x 3,5’’ jack gate out to affect outputs to CC, notes, clocks…
  • Control your modular with an iPad without a computer
  • Requires EO-300 Eobody3 CORE
http://www.eowave.com/product_img/EO305.jpg EO-305 Eobody3 sensor input
  • 8 jack 6,35 in for Sensors
  • Requires EO-300 Eobody3 CORE

EO-306 Eobody3 Trigger Inputs

  • 8 6,35 jack ins for triggers
  • Requires EO-300 Eobody3 CORE



EO-307 Eobody3 DMX outputs

  • DMX port for EO-300 Eobody3 CORE
  • With EO-307 DMX adds one DMX port to the EO-300 to control lights.
  • 1 x XLR 3-pin connector
  • Requires EO-300 Eobody3 CORE

EO-310 Eobody3 Analogue Sensors

  • 4 inputs for sensors jack 6,35’’
  • Analogue filter (lag) per sensor input
  • Gain per sensor inputs
  • CV/gate out per sensor in

This is a stand alone module: no need of EO-300 for this one.


Note that these modules have been presented at the Frankfurt MusikMesse 2011 and that they are not all available yet. Most of them will be available in June and September 2011.

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