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Ohm MR 228

Thread OHM MR228's

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Topic OHM MR228's
Hi and hello to all, I have a pair of OHM MR228 cabs, there used for disco,karaoke and general PA stuff, until recently they have been great. I noticed a sharp decline in audio quality so decided to take a peek behind the grills and found that the foam on the cones had disintegrated so decided to replace them. Now, the problem is with what, I took out one of the baskets and although the cabs are rated at 8ohm the basket was rated at 16ohm, the crossover appears to be split, one 8" basket and horn per side, the horns are rated 8ohm, so should i replace them with 8ohm or 16ohm baskets? I use a Behringer mixer amp that can handle between 4 and 8ohm, shouldn't the cabs been rated at around 12ohm???
Any ideas, recommends or comments are most welcome.