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Other PA/Live Sound Speaker Cabinets user reviews

  • Wharfedale VS-15X

    Wharfedale VS-15X - " RAS"


    I have used for three years, very good forum to start without breaking the bank. The + The price The sound quality compared to other brands in same price range. The - Large enough The carpeted acting as a magnet to cat and dust. Timbe…

  • HQ Power VDSP15

    HQ Power VDSP15 - " Report qualitée average price"


    I use these speakers soon since 8 years and I must confess that the membranes in foutes are not more extraordinary .. especially in the bass, (too small) filter allows u too little on the low frequency (simple) piezo tweeter which gives, when you gro…

  • Yamaha S115V

    Yamaha S115V - " True to Yamaha S 115"


    I use 115 S for 10 years! I bought a 2nd pair after 5 years and 4 Rotate perfectly! As a musician, what I appreciate most is the roundness of the sound (if good food), the bass and treble have an accurate record. We must add an external benefit…

  • Wharfedale EVP-12

    Wharfedale EVP-12 - " Good, solid"


    Used two years, ten nights, with an SLX-200 amp MacMah Very popular with the public, good sound definition A little heavy (19kg) Sold in January 2012 to buy a pair of Titan 12A (still in Wharfedale!) …

  • Ibiza Sound STAR-10

    Ibiza Sound STAR-10 - " cheap"


    very bone purchase for my part I use them in a home studio amp AudioPhony as620 encente with 2 rating by giving 4 oms is the only truck I've completely redone the filter piedzo TElement was bad so it works maintenat atention you say wooden bo…

  • Yamaha MSR400

    Yamaha MSR400 - " request for information"


    hello, I already have a STAGEPAS 500, which satisfies me completely. on the other hand, in addition, I have the opportunity to purchase two pregnant msr 400 Do I connect the monitor outputs on 2 out of the mixer's STAGEPAS, for more power?? O…

  • Yamaha AX12

    Yamaha AX12 - " Yamaha quality"


    No complaints! Space-saving light and very versatile they hide their game really well .. …

  • Top Music PA15220BL

    Top Music PA15220BL - " good woofer for subwoofer"


    PA loudspeaker or subwoofer (the medium is not so good), good value qualitprix / output (I bought 2 169 euros boomers promo 5 years ago ... Boomer is a massive (12 kg) with a huge magnet with a coil of 100mm ... …

  • RCF ART 315

    RCF ART 315 - " not bad!"


    I used the last one year, I possde a pair of JBSYSTEMS psx15 also works great for the price what I love most about this weight rcf a handy 4 am! well and even hitting a little too short a powerful speaker that sounds for a night without fatigue …

  • Promann PA 220

    Promann PA 220 - " Promann P220"


    These are the first speakers that I bought very robust very good value for money I would do this choice without hesitation. …