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discoDSP ThrillMe

ThrillMe is a Windows 32-bit compressor + enhancer + limiter.

It has been re-released for the company’s 10th anniversary for 19 EUR.

Tech specs:

Dynamics Processor

  • 3 Bands
  • Splitting filter: Single-Pole IIR/-6dB Oct x 2 (Stereo) x 3 (Bands)
  • Band Range: 0–1kHz/1kHz-10kHz/10kHz-Inf (with –6dB/Oct Crossover Roll Off)
  • Algorithm: VADP – Virtual Analog Dynamics Processing
  • Envelope: Self Adjusted Attack / Release.
  • Ratio: 1:1 to 1:128.
  • Threshold Range: -Inf dB to 0.0dB, Exponential Curve.

Spectral Enhancer

  • 4 Bands (Bipole Shelving IIR Filter – (1 x Low-Shelf + 2 x Peaking + 1 x Hi-Shelf) x 2 (Stereo)
  • Serial Routing
  • Auto Adjustment


  • Type: Mathematical Waveshaping

More information, demo and purchase can be found at www.discodsp.com/thrillme.

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