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SKnote Releases Q796

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SKnote Q796
News SKnote Q796

Other software dynamics processor from SKnote

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SKnote has announced the release of Q796, the first in its new series of plug-ins modeled on classic hardware devices.

It is a stereo device with stereo sidechain, built for mastering but great on single instruments, according to SKnote.

A look-ahead function (up to 10ms) and full graphics have been added to the analog emulation.


  • Expander: includes a pump-up mode (compresses LOW levels, makes sound full).
  • Compressor:
o Feed-forward (the modern way) and feed-back (the vintage way) modes.
o Sidechain.
o Negative ratio.
o Continuous Peak-RMS set.
o Gain reduction limit (great for invisible squashing).
o Distortion (static and dynamic; starts over the threshold and increases with gain).
o Long time integration (an additional very slow time constant).
  • Limiter: a very fast limiter (with brickwall mode to 0dB).

The “analog” interface, modeled on the hardware, is integrated in a “digital” frame, for a better control. Three separate graphs show in realtime:

  • Input waveform.
  • Output waveform.
  • Control signal (from Peak to RMS).
  • Gain reduction.


Q796 is available for Windows as a VST effect plug-in priced at €129. A fully functional demo version is now available for download (a short burst of noise is added every 20 seconds).
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