Native Instruments Traktor DJ for iPad
Native Instruments Traktor DJ for iPad

Traktor DJ for iPad, Other software for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad from Native Instruments in the Traktor series.

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Dj s2m 09/01/2014

Native Instruments Traktor DJ for iPad : Dj s2m's user review

«  Very Good but missing some options »

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Traktor DJ for Ipad, great idea!

We can use it anywhere, you open the application and go.

As soon as you put a headphone, there is the possibility to split in cue / prelisten to mix in stand alone mode.

Also available on Iphone and only on IOS.

Currently used on an iPad 2.

Getting easy and intuitive hand and a lot of options (effects, high and low resonance filters ...).

Regular updates, tutorials videos, explanatory notes directly supplied with the application.

Stable IOS 7.1.2 with TDJ 1.5.

Becomes even more interesting when Z1 is used, an S2 / S4 mk2 (fully controllable soft) and even a splitter cable for output to cue / mix (mono of course) and then a 2 audio mk2 . All these people being recognized by your IOS plug & play.

Only downside for me, in stand alone mode or with a Z1, no selector dimensions loop like TP2 and no pitch bend for that shift tempos.

I will invest in a Z1 because I prefer to use my good old faders and knobs.