TC Electronic PolyTune iPhone App
TC Electronic PolyTune iPhone App

PolyTune iPhone App, Other software for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad from TC Electronic in the Polytune series.

loudfunk 01/30/2012

TC Electronic PolyTune iPhone App : loudfunk's user review

« Gotta love the app store... »

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I've had the stomp box version of the Polytune on my pedal board since the day it came out. My favorite tuner. I mean strum all strings to check if something is out of tune, in silence between tunes is so the way to go.
When they released it in the app store I was so excited about it that I actually got a 1/4 inch to iPhone adapter because of it. Funnily enough that's not even how I end up using it most of the time.
best example on my last trip to Asia the tuner in my midi board died. So for in-between tuning I actually had my iPhone on my monitor to check that everything was still where it should be after extended whammy abuse coupled with the insane humidity and heat outside vs. dry cold air-conditioned inside in South Asia.

So what does the app do?
It obviously is a scaled down version of the pedal tuner. What you get is the option between bass and guitar. Reference tuning from 435 Hz to 445 Hz. Drop tuning in half steps from E down to C.
And the option to switch between "needle" mode where it looks just like any chromatic tuner that uses a needle as a display. Hit one string and it functions like one too. Hit all strings and it tells you which string is sharp and which is flat. In "stream" mode it look like a strobe tuner when you hit one string. And then when you hit all 6 the same as in needle mode.

The fact there is a tuner that recognizes individual pitches when you hit a cluster of six notes simultaneously is amazing enough. That they were able to do it on an iphone and/or ipad is even cooler. Obviously if you have lots of background noise and an unplugged guitar you will need the cable to plug in. But other wise I’ve found the build in mic to be sufficient.