TC Electronic TonePrint App
TC Electronic TonePrint App

TonePrint App, Other software for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad from TC Electronic in the TonePrint series.

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speedkills 07/10/2012

TC Electronic TonePrint App : speedkills's user review

«  A very useful gadget »

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Note that I have the app on android and not on the iPhone, but the operation is exactly the same.

I own the toneprint hall of fame and I ran very little function toneprint:
On the one hand because the TC Electronic website is not optimized for super power toneprints listen to all, and plus I'm a bit lazy and getting out of my pedal board, plug it in, install the toneprint, disconnect, put in my board to try a new sound discouraged me just thinking about it.

This application avoids handling this series! By downloading it, it gets all toneprints so you can change the toneprint via your phone, and whatever you have not seen or network configuration that are already in your phone.
And besides, no need to plug anything since you have to put your phone on top of the guitar and microphone installation is done through this (first time I read that I thought a joke ...)! The only drawback is the sort of background noise that is generated during installation, can not be remedied when the effect is like me in the loop. I do not think you can use it on stage because of it.

This is a gadget but just brilliant and amazing, I do not spend more than this app to test new toneprints.
Remember to update the firmware of your foot so that the application works