Steinberg Virtual Guitarist
Steinberg Virtual Guitarist

Virtual Guitarist, Other virtual guitar from Steinberg in the Virtual Guitarist series.

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Sébu.son 01/03/2003

Steinberg Virtual Guitarist : Sébu.son's user review


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Installation is no problem, Because it's a bit long to give 1.6 gigabytes, but worth it ...
For those who use VST instruments in Sonar, for example, there is the very latest version of directiXer this address: Previous versions do not work with Virtual Guitarist!
I have not seen a manual install, but once the software is so intuitive that there was no point ...


Better to have a max of RAM to run the machine, and a processor worthy of 2000 (see 2002!), Drops the atari riri is not for you this thing the !
I do not work with the natural environment of VG, know Cubase, but thanks DirectiXer, no problem in Sonar, so I guess if j'tais Steinberg quip!
EVERYTHING is super stable, no problem ... Wait, I'll tell you about the sound reproduction, just ...


I use it recently and I still can not ... It is monstrous! A chord in your squenceur twelve o'clock, put VG loop on top, and you'll hear the guitar parts more bluffing ever heard, both rhythmically harmonic, and the sound is monstrous!
You can add effects once the groove built such a rverb, and you really feel the scratch just to make his power in the pice of cot!
All sounds are jous live, it's real guitar midi driver, there's nothing to program three times, the software in the genre, unbeatable! This stuff is a gn operator of riffs and grooves, get out your old file, for example south of Lou Reed's "Walk on the wild side" and fun to replay the guitar by VG: it's as if you c'tait, only better!
Conclusion: you can not not like this software, and yet I dtest Steinberg, I always plant with Cubase, but It! C the top ...