Ametrine Audio Ravernator
Ametrine Audio Ravernator

Ravernator, Other Virtual Synth from Ametrine Audio.

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Ametrine Audio Ravernator

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Ametrine Audio has announced the release of Ravernator, a Bass and Stab Synthesizer, powered by the Wusik-Engine.

It comes with 440 Main Presets and a total of 6377 Variations, the company says. The variation presets are the original sound with alterations made to them. They include different release, decay times and added effects. The Ravernator covers sounds for the following styles of music: Rave, Old Skool, Hardcore, Breakbeat, Freeform and Gabba, Ametrine says.

Ravernator Wusik Engine / Ravernator Technical Details

Oscillators and Polyphony:
  • 6 main Oscillators / Layers with 2 Wave-sequence layers.
  • 2 Wave-sequence Layers can hold 32 waveforms each per layer.
  • Wave-Sequencing / Vector Synthesis / Sample Playback and Recording / Additive Synthesis.
  • Up to 128 voices per layer.
  • 64 note polyphony per Layer.
  • Master unison mode.
  • 3 octave + and - Range with fine tune per Oscillator Layer.
  • Use Stereo and Mono Wav files as Oscillators.
  • Drag-and-drop support for WAV, SFZ, WusikPRST and WusikSND files.
  • Uses own Preset format for Sound Files.
  • Individual A D S R per layer with Velocity control.
  • Pan and Volume Control per Osc Layer.
  • Pitch Glide per Layer.
  • Fixed Pitch Switch Button per Layer.
  • MicroTuning support via Scala .TUN files.

Filters and Modulation:
  • 4 simultaneous multi-band Filters Per Layer.
  • Choice of Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and Notch Filter Types.
  • Master Filter for the Whole Synth.
  • Serial or Parallel Filters.
  • 2 and 4 Pole Filters ( 12db or 24db ) with smooth switch.
  • Filter Frequency and Resonance with Limit Switch.
  • Smooth Over-Sampled Filters.
  • 4 Equalizers per layer with Frequency and Gain.
  • 8 LFOs per layer with 6 waveform choices.
  • LFOs have waveform choice, along with speed and host syncing.
  • Modulation Envelope with ADSR.
  • Comprehensive Modulation Matrix.
  • X/Y pad for wave-seqencing and Vector Synthesis.

Effects and Other Features:
  • 2 Effects simultaneous per layer.
  • Double Chorus.
  • Quad Chorus.
  • Stereo Echo.
  • Distortion.
  • Studio Reverb (Anwida Technology).
  • Studio Reverb lite.
  • Studio Reverb Quad.
  • Studio Reverb Echo.
  • Bit quantizer.
  • 3 Tap Stereo Delay.
  • 3 tap delay Parallel.
  • Reverse Echo.
  • Ring Modulator.
  • Phaser.
  • Flanger 32 band Vocoder.
  • Leslie.
  • Re psycho.
  • Overdrive.
  • Multi Band Compressor.
  • Rez Filter.
  • Pitch Tracker.
  • Vocoder.
  • Talkbox.

  • Integrated Groove box.
  • Complete Multi-Core Processor support.
  • Integrated Sample-Editor with Audio-Input for Recording.
  • High Quality Over-Sampling Options.
  • Effects Collection + VST effect support.
  • Detached File-Browser with search options.
  • Disk-Streaming.
  • Full SFZ Sample support.
  • Master Limiter.
  • Real Multi-Out Version.
  • FX Version, which you can use to process sounds.

Special WusikSND and SFZ options: Key Switching, Round Robin, Group-Mute, Sample-Release and Sample-Legato.

Special WusikPACK file-format. This is designed to allow installation of new sounds and backup too. You can select a preset or a folder of presets, and all the required files for the preset(s) will be saved inside the WusikPACK file, for easier distribution/backup.

Pricing & Availability
Ravernator costs £34.95 and is available for Windows in VST instrument and effect formats. If you already own Wusikstation you can purchase it as an expansion / sound-set for £24.95.
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