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DBU Announces Prometheus and Fortuity

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DBU Prometheus
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Dangerous Bear Underground (DBU) has announced the recent release of its 2008 product line of soundware libraries and sample-based VST instruments.

Prometheus [Windows VST, $100]

Prometheus is a Windows VST instrument powered by the WusikEngine (currently version 4.2.4, with free updates as the Engine itself updates) with a soundset of 11.5 gigabytes of samples in both WusikSND and wav formats, and 1500 presets.

According to DBU, Prometheus includes pads, twisted synth fx, soundscapes and more. It is geared at composers and players looking for moody atmospherics, sci-fi soundtrack effects, and ambient textures.

Prometheus’ synthesis features include six stereo, disk-streaming sample-playback layers, each including four (series or parallel) multimode filters, eq, insert effect and two effects sends. Two of these layers may be configured as wavesequencers, a feature allowing for step-sequencing of pitch, pan, sample played (from a list you create) and more. There’s also a modulation matrix including as sources 8 ADSR envelopes and 8 multiwave LFOs, as well as vector synthesis via the x-y pad.

Instrument, multi-out instrument, and effects versions are included.

The price is $100, but users of other Dangerous Bear products may crossgrade for $80. You can read about Prometheus, hear audio demos, and download a free “lite” version on DBU’s website.

Fortuity [Windows VST, $40]

We’re told that Fortuity is the product of dBu’s collaboration with HG Fortune, who custom-built the engine based on his STS-series transition synthesis technology. Fortuity is a Windows VSTi and includes 200 megabytes of samples in five SF2 banks, as well as five .fxb format preset banks. Price is $40.

Apokrypha, Dangerous Keys and Vision [for Kontakt, $20-$30]

Dangerous Bear supports Native Instruments’ Kontakt sampler with these three libraries:

  • Apokrypha ($30) is as the name suggests, what has been left out for its “heretical”, unorthodox content. A collection of the sounds that don’t quite fit in anywhere else, but are powerfully musical, including the prepared piano, environmental sounds, simulated old-school samplers and more. It features over a gigabyte of samples.
  • Dangerous Keys ($20) is a collection of electric piano and organ sounds, vintage and modern, useful in all styles. Sixty instruments, 300 megabytes.
  • Vision ($30) is a revised and expanded version of DBU’s first Kontakt library and it focuses on synth sounds. 1.34 gigabytes, 169 instruments.

Dangerous Grooves Perimeter Sound Edition [WAV, $30]

Dangerous Grooves Perimeter Sound Edition is dBu’s flagship loop offering. Live performances by Johan Rucker edited by Jeff Rhodes, this library includes Hip-Hop/LoFi, Neo Tribal, Techno-DrumNBass and FX grooves. 526 wav loops, $30.
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