HG Fortune The Tiger
HG Fortune The Tiger

The Tiger, Other Virtual Synth from HG Fortune.

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HG Fortune The Tiger

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The Tiger Synth is a synthesizer capable of multilayered sounds.

It is capable of some specific extras from the Aux oscillators, as well as groovy rhythmic sounds and typical synth sounds.


There are various modulation options, and a possibility to integrate 'hardwired' controllers like joysticks, touchpads or ribbons via the 4 UCC knobs (User assignable MIDI CC) which can be selected as mod sources too. Alongside with Aftertouch, Velocity and Modwheel you have several options for realtime interaction.


Two 16 step Rhythmic Pattern Gators (RPG) and a 16 Step Modulator can turn pads into complex rhythmic sounds. Two Aux oscillators can add some additional spacey sounds (a little like with Altair 4, according to HG Fortune), or can be used as mod source for Amplitude Modulation.


Main features (based on Pro version):

  • Soundsources:

4 PCM wave Oscillators each with 256 waves (other SF2 loadable)
2 Aux oscillators (monophonic) as mod and audio sources

  • Modifiers

1 24 dB resonant Lowpass filter with ADSR EG and 4 channel mod mixer
1 12 dB resonant Band or Hipass filter with ADSR EG and 4 channel mod mixer
2 Spook modifiers with different resonant characteristics
1 Amplitude modulation with selectable input and mod sources by 2 Aux oscillators

  • Mod sources:

2 RPG (16 step Rhythmic Pattern Gators) with two outputs each (+/-)
1 16 Step Modulator with three outputs (+/-/Mix)
3 bpm synced LFO
1 bpm synced Sample & Hold
1 bpm synced double LFO with phase shifting
1 touchpad with 6 control pads
4 UCC knobs for User MIDI CC (for e.g. hardwired ribbon controller, joystick etc. of MIDI keyboard)

  • Output:

4 channel mixer for output of LP Filter, B/HP Filter, Direct signal, and AM/Aux section
1 Gator (not just On/Off but mixable)
1 Pan for direct and 1 Pan for delayed signal with stereo width enhance
1 Stereo Delay
1 Stereo Reverb with resonant multimode filter

  • Other:

Lazy System with range calibration
Velocity Sensivity knob
Visual display of LFO & Aftertouch motion (can be hidden)
15 voices, 7 patchbanks (~890 patches)
MIDI Learn/CC Edit for most control elements
inbuilt MIDI CC display


Pricing & Availability:

The Tiger Pro will be available at an introductionary offer with 35% off for 25 Euro until March, 6th 2012. Regular price after that will be 39 Euro. A less featured free version is available.

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