eaReckon BloXpander
eaReckon BloXpander

BloXpander, Virtual Rack/Host for Plug-in from eaReckon.

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eaReckon BloXpander v1.3.0

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eaReckon has updated BloXpander to version 1.3.0.

Announced MIDI improvements:

  • Tempo tap and tempo value can be controlled via MIDI.
  • Manual edition of MIDI assignments. A control type (switch, knob, …) can also be selected for interpretation of incoming messages.
  • Insert mutes are now controllable from the "Main Controller" in "Basic" mode.
  • New Omni MIDI input option (input slots).
  • New Programs map feature (MIDI Input Panel).
    • This new functionality can be used to send Bank Select and/or Program change and/or All Notes Off MIDI messages to inserts or MIDI outputs.
    • The programs map is a per BloXpander channel / per MIDI channel / per target (insert or MIDI out) feature.
    • Programs map are saved with scenes and subscenes and can be used to quickly manage external MIDI devices or VST samplers/ROMplers.


Announced audio improvements:

  • New per channel output modes. Four output modes are available on each channel:
    • Stereo (default).
    • Mono (a mono mix is sent to both left and right channels).
    • Mono Mix to One Channel (a mono mix is sent to one of the left and right channels).
    • Only One Channel (one of the left and right channels is just muted).
  • New Option: Process Muted Inserts. At the cost of an increased CPU usage of muted inserts, these latter are designed to still process audio while they are muted in order to avoid unwanted residual audio when they are un-muted.


Fixed bugs:

  • Some plug-ins provide an option to change the arrangement of their outputs (number of outputs, mono, stereo...). When loading a scene featuring assigned "Multi-outputs", BloXpander now checks for changes in plug-ins' IO.
  • New workarounds implemented to improve compatibility with some 3rd party plug-ins.


Updated manuals:

An updated demo and more information about BloXpander are available at www.eareckon.com.

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