Loomer Aspect
Loomer Aspect

Aspect, Other Virtual Synth from Loomer.

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AlanForPresident 08/01/2012

Loomer Aspect : AlanForPresident's user review

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I have used the Loomer Aspect on my Windows XP laptop as well as my Newer Windows 7 and Windows Vista machines. I have also seen it used on Macs as well in the 64 bit version. The Loomer plug in looks very simple at first glance but it’s a really in depth 32 note polyphonic software . It has some great sounds and the ability to get some great sounds with all of the options that it provides for you to use. There are a ton of different options that you have to use and effects that you can use from. It was very surprised that when using all of the effects how it didn’t eat up all of my CPU in my software. Most plug ins like this are very CPU heavy and can cause a lot of issues in your project and potentially even crash. But Loomer Aspect worked great and has yet to crash.


Looner Aspect works great in my DAW and production software, I have used it in Ableton lite and in Fl Studio and maybe even Cubase (not 100 percent about Cubase though). I have been using Loomer for over a year now and everything with it seems to work great and cause no issues.


I love the set up of it most, everything is right on the main interface. They way that this software is built, it was constructed for live use, that is why it can process so many effects and is specially engineered to not overload on your CPU. I have not used it live, but just messing around with it while creating music I put a lot of stress on it by experimenting and have yet to see it crash or glitch on me. With the 3 great LFO’s and amazing Attacks, you can do almost anything with Loomer Aspect. I recommend purchasing it, it has a lot to offer.