jonoftheshred88 07/08/2014

reFX Nexus 2 : jonoftheshred88's user review

« Great Sound Out of the Box...Not Enough Customization »

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Nexus 2 offers crisp, golden sounds - and a wide variety of them if you buy the expansions! The sounds sound killer right out of the box, particularly for electronic music composition. I particularly enjoyed the Platinum Orchestra Hit setting, the arps and the gates. Nexus has strength in these realms, as well as Sawtooth and Square Wave sounds. Expect chunky electronic basses and crisp dance leads.


Running 8 simultaneous arps proved no issue for my computer. Again, I stress you keep your hardware cleaned (clear the fans of dust) and OS optimized for music production. Otherwise you might experience CPU spikes whilst using simultaneous plugins in your DAW.


The best part of Nexus is it's ease of use. Instead of customizing patches for each layer of your track, this is ready to go and sounds great! The problem is, an educated musical ear can EASILY distinguish Nexus out in a song - example, Lonely Island's "Jack Sparrow" - and the customization of presets is rather abysmal. You're pretty much a slave to existing presets, which some producers my find sacrilegious. But John Carpenter and Vangelis used presets all the time, and they gotta know SOMETHING, right? Nexus, overall, is a useful tool, particularly in dance genres. But don't let it become the staple of your sound or go-to crutch....use it supplementally and it can be a very useful tool.