Togu Audio Line Bassline [Freeware]
Togu Audio Line Bassline [Freeware]

Bassline [Freeware], Other Virtual Synth from Togu Audio Line.

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Amok_ 05/14/2013

Togu Audio Line Bassline [Freeware] : Amok_'s user review

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It is a VSTi Mac and PC 32 and 64 bit
This is an emulation that sounds the SH101 (I do not know the original)
1 VCO (pulse, saw, sub, noise), filter (with frequency, resonance, envelope), LFO, envelope, and appéggiateur
Installing the dll file in the vst


This VSTi is very light, running with an old config
Midi learn


I use it occasionally for several years
It sounds really good and is one of the best free vst. To download urgently
In addition, the interface is easy to use

Togu Audio are really great and I also really like the UNO-60/UNO-62 and almost free and awesome UNO-LX (juno60 emulation).
And also a lot of audio vst such as chorus-LX (emulation juno chorus)