Tone2 FireBird
Tone2 FireBird

FireBird, Other Virtual Synth from Tone2.

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AlanForPresident 07/31/2012

Tone2 FireBird : AlanForPresident's user review

« It is a must have »

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The Tone 2 Firebird worked great with my windows 7 pc running with a dual core processor and 320RAM. I have never experienced any difficulties with this VST and it has always opened right up and worked like it was suppose to. I have never seen a manual for it, but there are some tutorials online in case you need some help getting started. There are also tutorials online on how you can really get into the creation process of creating your own sounds with Tone 2 Firebird. All of the basic functions of Firebird are easily accessible and pretty much right in front of you.


Tone 2 FireBird worked just like it was suppose to work, flawlessly. I have been using Tone 2 products for years so I knew for a fact that Firebird was going to be good, I have since been using it for about a year now, but I use it a lot. Almost all of my pop music uses multiple presets from FireBird. This software is very stable and I have not experienced a single crash or glitch in it.


One thing I like most about it is the filters and all of the effects. There are all types of effects like high pass and low pass, band pass. You will have all of the control over any sound you choose to work with, the arpeggiator is one of the best arps that I have seen in the VST world. It is very easy to get your arps how your want them, and you can arp any preset or sound that you want to arp. You have full control over the timing on the arps too. The quality of the presets are very high, you can use them right away without doing any tweaking if you wanted to. They will sound great untouched, if you have a little knowledge of how to tweak things then you can get more in depth of how FireBird works and really do some cool stuff with it. You must try this VST.