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More details about Wusik 8000

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Wusik Wusik 8000
News Wusik Wusik 8000

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The new version of the Wusik virtual synth is not available yet, but the developer announced its new features.

Wusik 8000 had been announced last June (see this news), but its new features were still to be specified. Here there are:

  • HQ Grand Piano – This piano has a great dynamic sound, and we do not use filters for the velocity layers, instead, we use a new system that only Wusik 4000 / 8000 has: dynamic velocity to layer cross-fade.
  • “Freeze” preset option. This will render the current preset to several mapped keys with the preset sample information that is sampled in real-time. This is handy for heavy-on-cpu presets. You will be able to select how many seconds to sample per key, how many keys, start and end keys, multi-velocities, and the output file will be saved SFZ format. Once this is done, the preset will be replaced by a simple sample-player preset and the SFZ file is loaded up.
  • Mixer View with the ability to solo/mute modules.
  • Matrix View: this view will show all the connections in a matrix style. So if you don’t like “wires”, this is the view for you. You can always disable wires and use only this view instead.
  • Option to zoom in and out: 50% to 140% zoom options.
  • VST Module Wrapper (mostly to be able to use VST effects, as we can’t guarantee that VSTi plugins will be possible to use, but we may find a way).
  • Option to show mini-oscilloscopes on each module that has a modulation source.
  • Extra Preset options, such as rating system.
  • Better Preset Browser and Searching.
  • Audio Input and special modules that will use this feature.
  • Wusik Station preset import/converter.
  • Wusik 8000 will read Wusik 4000 presets and sounds without problems, since part of the code is based on Wusik 4000 engine, but re-written to accommodate some new options. Now, Wusik 4000 may not be able to read correctly Wusik 8000 presets, since it uses a new format.
  • More and more presets, specially for the included Wusik Station sounds.


Wusik 8000 will also include new modules:

  • MIDI: Scala TUN files for Micro-Tunning.
  • Modulation: Pure Data (PD) Scripting.
  • Sound Generator: Karplus String Delay.
  • Sound Generator: Sample Player XT: new mapping options, including Loop Editor and auto sample options.
  • Sound Generator: Sample Player XT: Pad-Synth support.
  • Filter: Comb Filter and other types too.
  • Filter: Special glitch filters and other crazy filters schemes (polyphonic).
  • Sound Generator: FM Sound Generators.
  • Effect: more effects, mostly ported from the Wusik Station effects list.
  • Audio Glitch Module

We still don’t know when Wusik 8000 will be released but you can see below that the team is working hard:


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