Behringer Blues Overdrive BO100
Behringer Blues Overdrive BO100

Blues Overdrive BO100, Overdrive pedal from Behringer.

Hatsubai 06/21/2011

Behringer Blues Overdrive BO100 : Hatsubai's user review

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Behringer has recently released a line of pedals that are Boss copies. This one is a copy of the famous Boss Blues Driver (BD-2). It features a level, gain and tone knob.


Unlike the Boss counterparts, I'm not exactly sure how well these will stand up to touring. Where as the Boss products are known to be able to survive a nuclear holocaust, this pedal is still new. The casing itself isn't too bad, and it seems like it could take some abuse without much of an issue. It's ridiculously easy to set up, and you shouldn't even need to read the manual as to how to run this thing. That said, I have never read the actual manual, so I can't comment as to how well it's written.


The sound is very reminiscent of the Boss Blues Driver. For those that don't know, the Blues Driver is like a lower gain tube screamer. It works awesome with lower gain amps when you wanna push it into that sweet overdrive sound without having it go crazy and hectic like most tubes creamers can get. There is less of a mid-hump than the tube screamer, and I think this one works better for the rhythms where as tube screamers tend to work nicely for solo boosting. Pretty much, if you've experienced a Boss Blues Driver, you've experienced this pedal.


If you're cheap, just buy the Boss product. While this pedal isn't bad, it's mainly just a copy of what's already out there. You can find the Blues Driver cheap enough on eBay to where it doesn't make much of a difference when it comes to choosing between this or the Boss counterpart. I'm also not a huge fan of supporting clones. That said, there's nothing inherently wrong with the pedal. It seems sturdy enough to withstand touring, and it sounds good enough to where it could fit in most rigs without a problem.