Behringer Vintage Tube Monster VT999
Behringer Vintage Tube Monster VT999

Vintage Tube Monster VT999, Overdrive pedal from Behringer.


Behringer Vintage Tube Monster VT999 : Anonymous 's user review

«  of very heavy for cheap, why not have thought tot +! »

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this is OVER DRIVE lamp, large (3 times a pedal)
2 jack and a 9 v transformer supplied with


configuration limit child
1-sheet manual
only the noise gate is a bit subtle set


efficiency, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, I use it to warm groovebox output sound, and what results, equalizer with adjustable gain bein floor, we soon comppte BUGERA the lamp works and gives depth and amplified form inimitable face sounds cold DSP.

ouff thing when you know it's a lamp like 17 euros piece!
Me, I'm not a big fan of the brand for its pedals, I have a DELAY who held 2 years, which SYNTH fucked after 3 short, I hope that it will last more


2 weeks of use, nickel
behringer would do that all the effects in this state of mind because the basic pedals to 25 euros plastoc, ca viellit way there, for 15 euros more, there's the correct sound of metal that takes the scene ca is large for all finger sizes, and LED continues to 1000 W
on the other hand, the noise gate has a small button, boring

good, must be careful, we are told that it's been too distorted, you really push the gain to death and push MId HIGHpour and have an early distortion distortion that resembles a poorly adjusted, put money in a real distortion if the goal

I've put behind a AKAI deluxe distortion