Behringer Vintage Tube Monster VT999
Behringer Vintage Tube Monster VT999

Vintage Tube Monster VT999, Overdrive pedal from Behringer.

Jack Shnor 02/06/2008

Behringer Vintage Tube Monster VT999 : Jack Shnor's user review


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Cest an "overdrive" pedals format that uses a 12AX7 tube.
No memory, no connectivity PC / MAC and therefore no MIDI.
A 9V jack (power supplies)
A power switch (A / M)
Output, one between
A level of noise gate, a button / M noise gate.
On the front are:
A pusher foot A / M effect,
The three EQ pots right
A gain pots and a master volume.


The manual? jme recall being more or jai!
Extremely simple configuration, we find rglage logically, the progressive pots and efficient, not more than 10 seconds to understand lutil gain and master and all the good things that can shoot lon .


For the songs, it dpendra of:
1) guitar
2) Lampl
For guitar, if you had three single coils (eg Strato) you will get sound Blues, Rock or soft. But you can help on dune lgre disto Lampl, which changes everything, and leffet the lamp is visible.
If you'd like a VOX amp that will allow you davoir a clean channel and a saturated without unplug the guitar clean lentre to reconnect in the top boost channel
If you use double coils, then the cest else, the sound can be excellent or terrible Merd.que, adpendra the quality of the micro level and their output: the higher the output microphone stand and less lutil of the box is felt.
Do not wait how this turns your pedals sound deep its not its function, it's more a work which brings finesse to make your sounds warmer without dnaturer. Likewise it will never replace an all-tube amp.
JOperation a Fender Strato, an Epiphone Korina Explorer, and an Aria TA60 pro2, trs diffrent three guitars but for every one, I find a really brings something more that is except for lexplorer quip dun dun DiMarzio DiMarzio Tone Zone and Air Norton, but I'm still looking EST hopeless!


I use it for two weeks.
It seems to me essential in today with my setup lAC30 VOX
Trs trs simple and effective, it allows me to davoir toe, a Distortion channel sounds are more my respect and for the price, there is no contest (80 euro) in the local store, you risk nothing , over the Casing is mtallique and seems really solid.
I never use this type Navais dappareil pence and I just missed that cest APRS guitar and Lampl then yes I Rasht 10 times without hsitations.