Behringer Vintage Tube Monster VT999
Behringer Vintage Tube Monster VT999

Vintage Tube Monster VT999, Overdrive pedal from Behringer.

TheJeff666 10/31/2010

Behringer Vintage Tube Monster VT999 : TheJeff666's user review

«  Of good fat for cheap »

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tube distortion pedal, gain, volume, bass, mid, treble, built-in noise gate. We can not be simpler.


As previously stated, this is a distortion pedal to light, and can not be simpler. Is connected after waiting for the lamp heater, turn the knobs and play. true bypass it seems to me, anyway off perfectly transparent.
The settings of the tones are very effective, you can really sculpt a sound with.
The noise gate (after I return above) is the easiest I've had: on or off (ca change ...). And plus it works ...
Access to the lamp is not hard, 3 minutes, a screwdriver, and presto.
One downside, this page .... of blue LED is not a diode, a lighthouse, a projector anti air ... So a once lit, one is dazzled and can not see its settings. Led to tape or to change very quickly. 8 / 10 just for that ...


Ben the cow is a sacred pedal ... Especially if you're having fun ay to the lamp that suits his game and his sound. Delivered basic for me with a lamp bugera, so not that bad, the entry sorted, better than the first price in GT.
We change the lamp and presto, you change the pedal ... as the advice above, with an ECC83, less gain, but a bit tight and precise, surprising for a pedal at this price, I love, but I've (Blackstar). So I stopped on a JJ 12AX7's and my pedal to the big bold with coarse grain of happiness. Everything passes, good big blues, old families hard, punk, garage, and even large modern sound, I found myself doing with rammstein ... the bass is awesome and the tone controls very effective. happiness.

attention, the pedal can not be used to boost a clean channel, crunch it too quickly. Cons on a channel by saturated .... hmmmmm ....

icing on the cake, the noise gate: it's the magic bin, on or off, if it is, the noise gate works even if the pedal is not engaged. Noise gate completely transparent and calibrated. Even with my LP in which p90 is very noisy, nothing to say, no hum, just the game, not to break his c. .., sustain and resonance respected, too cool ... So this became my pedal noise gate official, I do spend more, especially with the lp.


Used for 6 months.
I had a lot of distortion pedals and overdrive in the legs, od 1 and 2, TS09 (the true), hm boss, electro harmonix, Blackstar, shred master procorat, multi purpose and modeling.
60 to 70 € (or less used) this pedal up to the best. Ultra-flexible, beautiful and big sound, equalizer very effectively, with a noise gate of dreams and a personality that depends on the lamp that you put. too cool.
The -: I of this ...... its blue LED ... pffff ....
Enormous value for money, it would be crazy to spend more .... or do without ...