Biyang OD-10 Mad Driver
Biyang OD-10 Mad Driver

OD-10 Mad Driver, Overdrive pedal from Biyang in the Baby Boom! series.

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Drive8 04/15/2013

Biyang OD-10 Mad Driver : Drive8's user review

«  A super overdrive! »

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Already in the out of the box, I fell in love with her look (the green color is reminiscent of his famous elder which it is based).
The proposed effect? : In fact, we can rather say "effects" since emulates the sound of a Tube Screamer, but also has a switch that lets you choose between "Normal (type TS9)," Bright "(type TS9 + Boost with a more clear and incisive, ideal for rock, metal), "Warm" (I use this bit position. I think it is for those who like the sound more "rounded" jazz?).


No need to book. Usage is simple. The pots are effective and properly sculpt the sound. It goes from mild crunch to sound rich in overtones. But beware, it is an overdrive, not a distortion ... It is made to play beautiful solos or accompanied by a rhythmic crunch this well.


Here, I must say I was amazed! The sound will type Tube Screamer (besides the circuit inside takes the famous JRC4558 component) at Marshall JCM800 crunch guy that I love.
I use it with a strat (hello sounds SRV, Hendrix), an Epiphone the Dot (micro grave: great sound for solos), a Tele. Often plugged into a Fender Blues Deluxe or a Laney LC50. But it also sounds great on a transistor amp Marshall MG50 that I use spare.


I use the Mad Driver for a little over 6 months. RAS: solid construction.
I have used many overdrive (Drivetrain, Bad Monkey OD-1, etc). But this is Mad Driver who has definitely taken place on my pedalboard. I like its versatility (through the switch), the heat of her, and the fact that through the mix really well in a group and on stage.