Blackstar Amplification HT-Drive

HT-Drive, Overdrive pedal from Blackstar Amplification in the HT Pedals series.

iamqman 07/26/2011

Blackstar Amplification HT-Drive : iamqman's user review

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Blackstar makes gret sounding amps as well as pedal. many of their pedal are based off of their amp's preamp designs. Many touring and professional artists all over the globe are now turning towards Blackstar for their guitar amplifier and pedal needs. They ar able to get a huge market now to added artists signing on for endrosments all the time. To add to their prestige they have included a whole line of distortion pedals as well.

This little pedal use a class A design to pump the glorious cascading gain into your amp. You can use this pedal as a boost or as a all out gain monster. The tone is a bit different than the boost pedal from Blackstar as this one has more of the Vox Orange feel and tone to the distortion.


* Genuine valve design
* Operates at 300V HT
* Cascaded valve gain stages
* Responds like a valve amp
* Unique ‘AClass’ tone control

* Fully equipped for stage or studio
* Speaker emulated output
* High integrity buffered bypass
* Power supply included
* Silent switching


I have to say I am already fan of Blackstar amplification but now I am even a fan of their foot distortion pedals as well. I am not a distortion pedal guy. I generally like to get my tone and gain from the amps preamp combined with the power tube section of the amp. The class A design to this pedal is magnificent. You get a great British distortion tone that is equated to my ears as the tone or an Orange amp or a Vox amp. This pedal does not sound like either of those amps but it has a few similarities in the frequencies in which is produces. This pedal used as an all out gain pedal is where it live though. The design and fell of it is remarkable. This little pedal gives you plenty of drive to kick the pants of the your amp. If you wants to use it as a boost to drive an already overdriven amp into submission.


You can pick these pedals up new right at around $ 179, which is a decent and fair price for this pedal. It sound god and does exactly what is says. I like the tone and the flavor of distortion is a nice warm tone. I would recommend this pedal to anyone who need a great sounding overdrive pedal to bite their clan or gained out amp.