Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
Boss BD-2 Blues Driver

BD-2 Blues Driver, Overdrive pedal from Boss.

MGR/Scott 07/07/2004

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver : MGR/Scott's user review

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I got my blues driver off ebay. I wanted something that had a little gain for soloing and I did a lot of reading before I got it and I liked it so I got it. I paid 50 dollar's for it and I'm happy I did.

You can use it with blues or rock or jazz or country. Its small and takes up no room you can take it any where. If you get one it will last you your whole life. You can get a lot of sounds out of it. It sounds some like a tube amp. Goes great with all amps and guitars. I like every thing about it.

Nothing. I like it all but it eats up 9 volt batteries. You will wan adapter. I like it all.

made of metal caseing and will last you for the rest of your life.

It gives you any thing you need I think most people that have one will say the same thing.

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