Boss OD-20 Drive Zone
Boss OD-20 Drive Zone

OD-20 Drive Zone, Overdrive pedal from Boss in the Twin Pedals series.

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MGR/Jason 03/14/2003

Boss OD-20 Drive Zone : MGR/Jason's user review

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I bought this off of Musicians Friend for 149, after price matching with

Very's boss, so (had I been dumb enough to keep it) it would've lasted forever. Not made out of plastic crap, everything was very well put together.

All of the distortion sounds are crap...every single one of them is incredibly hollow, and tinny sounding, no matter how you mess with the eq. The "mt-2" sounds nothing like it. The "ds-1" sounds nothing like it. And the attempts to model the old fuzz pedals from back in the day, and various marshall pedal effects are embarrasing. I've played these individual pedals before...and the od-20 is a sad, sad excuse for any guitar player to poor to buy the individual pedals (like me)

Solid...wouldn't ever break, i dont believe.

I play with a b.c. rich platinum warlock, through a crate 212 amp (the new glx model)'s not me or my's this pedal that made me sound horrible. I promptly sent it back, and i wouldn't recommend it to anyone on this planet. The od-20 is horrible...dont let it deter you from buying boss, its the best pedal company around...but the od-20 is just not up to their standards...or anyone's, for that matter.

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