Boss OD-20 Drive Zone
Boss OD-20 Drive Zone

OD-20 Drive Zone, Overdrive pedal from Boss in the Twin Pedals series.

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MGR/Anonymous 01/27/2004

Boss OD-20 Drive Zone : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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I bought this unit at a local music stor for $400 (canadian), the price seems a bit high, but this little box lets you have 5 different types of distortion (4 memories and whatever you have the knobs set to), and to buy 5 different distortion stompboxes (even cheap ones) would cost more, plus i live in a fairly rural area, so if you live a city it would probably cost alot less.

I like just about everything about this effect. you can choose between 22 base types of distortion that you can make you 5 settings from, so no matter what style you play, this things got it covered. this box gives you alot more freedom to explore and find the sound you want than a single effect does. i would definatly recommend it to anyone who is looking to buy a distortion effect, especially if, like me you would prefere to have more than one type of distorion available.

the fact that you have to cycle through all five settings in a certain order can be anoying, but you can set it on a different memory mode that gets around this, or you can just be quick with your foot, but besides that its an amazing pedal

if you've been looking at any reviews of boss products they all say that their built like tanks. its true, boss made this unit to take what ever kind of abuse you give it, tho I dont see why anyone would want to try and break it, I'm betting nothing short of a large sledge hammer/axe and a body builder with anger problems could evn sratch this thing. if your looking for quality construction in guitar efects, ur honestly not gonna find any thing that beats boss, ask anyone.

bottom line: the tone quality of the efects is amazing, which is the most important part. the thing won't break under anything close to normal use. the price is kinda high, but its well worth it, and to buy 5 effects of this quality would put yoor wallet quite a bit farther into the gutter. also I would recommend buying the ac adaptor for it, since it takes 6 batteries at a time, and I've heard they dont last too long. all-in-all, this is an amazing product and if you can afford it I would highly recommend it.

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