Boss SD-1 SUPER OverDrive - Tubescreamer on steroids mod
Boss SD-1 SUPER OverDrive - Tubescreamer on steroids mod

SD-1 SUPER OverDrive - Tubescreamer on steroids mod, Overdrive pedal from Boss.

electric lullaby 10/19/2004

Boss SD-1 SUPER OverDrive - Tubescreamer on steroids mod : electric lullaby's user review


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The Boss SD-1 and Vox V810 are two clones of clbre Ibanez TS-9, the same drive and the legendary trs covets Ibanez TS-808.

The four pedals so the same resume CHARACTERISTICS:
- 1 1 In and Out jack (mono 6.35)
- 3 knobs: level, tone and drive
- 1 DC In
- Alim by a 9V battery

Otherwise, it is a Boss of a yellow attroce ... no surprise, it's ugly, but tough.


If you know what an overdrive, no problem with the pedals ... otherwise, it is discovering in 10 seconds, without having to open the manual.


The TS-808 and TS-9 (I've never tried) are rputes to have a warm and crmeux, approaching the crunch of a light amplifier.

Unlike the V810 I dcrirais sound as a, the SD-1 more gain, more shrill, and has not rponse an extraordinary low.
Finally, should not mad esprer gain, the pedals are not made for mtal, but for blues and rock.


Although my SD-1 team is home of the famous JRC4558 the TS-808 is with the V810 that I sound the hottest and most crmeux, the SD-1 As more garish, but with a little more gain.

I use the Vox much more than the Boss, so I plan to change the Robert Keeley (


I make the changes on this page Describes (, which drives changes Keeley.

Three small change but for me:
- I put a green LED Superbright (nod to the green TS-808 and TS-9 that are the basis of the pedals)
- The germanium diode is used AA119 (since there was no 1N34A at Banza (, Olaf Nobis advised me it, that silent close)
- I have not changed the op amp, my old SD-1 as a home team JRC4558D.

Note that since this was an old SD-1, I remove more and a diode Resistors, as Specifies the page indicated above.

Is your exact gnial.
The SD-1 is gaining in precision, sharpness. The definition of the nickel is much less rough than before.
The bass is enhanced.
The grain is much more enjoyable, more musical.
The rglages are really used on the race of knobs, a nice ring to it all the time ... whereas before, I had a rglage satisfactory, but was not moving.

This amendment would spend my overall score 8 or 9.