Devi Ever LP

LP, Overdrive pedal from Devi Ever.

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badgerific 09/14/2011

Devi Ever LP : badgerific's user review

"Odd overdrive effect, good fun."

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The LP is an overdrive effect from Devi Ever. It sounds very similar to her Electric Brown overdrive pedal but with one huge difference, it has a random stuttering effect which sounds like a record skipping (hence the name LP). I really like this pedal because of the interesting textures than can be produced with it. To quote Devi here are the specs:

- true bypass
- mxr sized enclosure
- boutique quality components
- incredibly low mA draw
- silicon transistor based
- 9 volt, 2.1 mm, negative tip power jack
- 9 volt battery snap inside (unscrew the back plate)

This unit isn't rackable as it's a stompbox effect with 1/4" input and outputs and a stomp footswitch to engage the effect.


This pedal is very simple to set up you just plug your guitar into the input and your amp to the output and stick a battery inside and you're ready to go. Another feature of this pedal which makes it simple to operate is that it only has two knobs one which adjusts the overall loudness of the effect (Volume) and one which adjusts the intensity and character of the overdrive sound as well as the amount of random stuttering effect (Control).

It can be difficult to dial in the amount of overdrive you want without getting too much stuttering sometimes and the amount of stuttering not only depends on the amount of volume the signal has before entering the pedal so it can be quite tricky to dial in.


I really love the sound of this pedal. You can get a huge variation of the stuttering effect by adjusting the Control knob but also by changing the volume of the signal going into the LP. Hotter signals will produce more stuttering so by running a boost/overdrive pedal infront of the LP you can get a heavily stuttering sound.

My favourite sound from this pedal comes by boosting the signal before entering it and then putting a delay after as the stuttering adds a great effect to the delay in producing an interesting texture. I definitely recommend this pedal for people who like experimenting with sound.


Overall I like the stuttering effect this pedal offers the best. If you're looking for a straight forward overdrive which sounds like the Devi LP then check out the Electric Brown as it's the exact same sound but without the stuttering.

The only problem I have found is that it can be a bit random and finicky to get the stuttering sound as you want it but other than that it's great.