DOD 250 Overdrive Preamp Reissue
DOD 250 Overdrive Preamp Reissue

250 Overdrive Preamp Reissue, Overdrive pedal from DOD.

sorgen  :shoot: 09/18/2006

DOD 250 Overdrive Preamp Reissue : sorgen :shoot:'s user review


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Little yellow pedal (size of a MXR), enough to look vintage.
Knobs on, there are not many, of a "gain" and "volume".
The rest is simple, one input, one output and a power supply 9v format mini-jack (Grrr)
7 / 10 format for power ...


I bought this for me as a clean boost with my Telecaster and crunch to my other guitars.

In my line of effect:
Guitar -> Dunlop Cry Baby -> DOD OD250 -> Electro-Harmonix Big Muff (Russian) -> DOD FX87 "The Edge" -> MXR M134 Stereo Chorus -> Guyatone 107 "Moving Box" -> Amp


My settings are used regardless of the guitar:
2 / 3 of the gain and volume at noon.
With the Telecaster, it can boost the volume of clean with a very light crunch if you really attack the strings (in a very nice solo ...).
Lead to a channel, it really boosts the gain, we see the difference altogether, it really gives a grain "70 Rock" '.
Indeed, this pedal is not very neutral, but its texture is quite nice, it amplifies a lot mids and bass and treble makes it less aggressive, more whistled.
With my ESP EC-1000, the 250 allows for a super good bluesy crunch when it is switched on clean, a crunch that responds well to attack the game really well.
The lead, it's downright huge, to make a heavy amp JCM800 this type should be the ideal ...

In short, I really appreciate this little pedal, I thought it would be against by far more neutral than that ... but hey, its texture does not displease me.


Just fine for the use I want to do ... a bit feeble to be used as a clean OD ...
I think it's a copy of the MXR Micro Amp (although the pattern is almost identical to that of a Dist +).
For the price it's worth (€ 41 on some German sites VPC), there is not too much competition.
Its weak point, the power supply of P ***** format mini-jack ... but hey, it's not just making this DOD, Electro - Harmonix also ...