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[NAMM] DOD through the Looking Glass

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DOD Looking Glass Overdrive
News DOD Looking Glass Overdrive

DOD has unveiled the Looking Glass, a class-A FET Overdrive pedal developed in collaboration with SHOE pedals.

Announced as particularly versatile and responsive, this new model will for sure appeal to overdrive addicts – well, we guitar players all are, ain’t we? (stands up and states his name).

Anyway, features include:

  • Circuit Design by Christopher Venter of SHOE Pedals
  • Discrete FET Class-A Design
  • Dual Gain Stages selectable via toggle switch
  • Hybrid Pre- and Post-Gain Bass and Treble Controls
  • Input Filter control to tame overly-bright guitars
  • Internal DIP switches to reduce unwanted effects of overly-bright signals and buffers
  • True bypass
  • 9V Power Supply jack
  • Aluminum chassis

While no official MSRP was stated yet, some dealers already list it around the $150 mark.

DOD Looking Glass Overdrive
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