Electro-Harmonix Germanium OD
Electro-Harmonix Germanium OD

Germanium OD, Overdrive pedal from Electro-Harmonix.

Captain Savon 04/08/2012

Electro-Harmonix Germanium OD : Captain Savon's user review

«  Well upstream of a distortion pedal »

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Value For Money : Poor
Overdrive / fuzz, vintage typed. Purely analog / solid state transistor with germanium that task. It is not really designed to be used alone, but upstream of a distortion pedal "classic" to smear the sound.

This is an analog pedal pedalboard for everything from classic, In / Out mono jack, 9V power supply + ring, housing EHX standard 120x90x34 (kind http://radiospares-fr.rs-online.com/ web/p/boites-en-aluminium-non-peintes/3642225 / for those who are interested can). True bypass, robust.


Switch on / off in true bypass, controls "gain", "bias" and "volts". LED activation.

Very straightforward if one has incorporated the concept of this pedal.

The lack of volume control and tone can be detrimental depending on what is used as setup. It does not correct the sound of a guitar and an amp with it, must at least it sounds right off the bat In order to use upstream of a classic distortion pedal, correction of volume and tone will be on a distortion pedal.


This pedal does not work like conventional distos with gain / volume / tone. On classical models, we control the rate of saturation, volume, and most often the tone is a simple low-pass. Here is no dial tone and no volume. Instead, the polarization is controlled and the supply voltage of the transistors.

Interest is to be able to easily "simulate" a battery, and can create asymmetrical distortions very dirty. For grimey sounds to Jack White, it's ideal.

The bias "assymétrise" the distortion, and makes it more or less aggressive, and plays a little tone, too. The volt crushes his very efficiently, so much so that it is really only usable on 2/3 of the race of knob. Below, the sound is inaudible.

The overall volume is properly adjusted, so that there is no volume knob does not feel. The tone is also very neutral, not unpleasant treble boost, and slight boost mids / bass (logic, it's the fuzz), so the tone knob does not miss too. And we can vaguely play with the treble control bias, but it is not very efficient, which is not really a problem in itself.

This pedal does not have much gain, so it is best to combine it with a "real" pedal distortion, resulting avalanche of fuzz guargantuesques. Do not want to make lace with this pedal. the objective of "cradifier" sound by putting it upstream (or downstream, nothing is forbidden) another distortion pedal is well filled. Fuzze it, it "Magritte" is aggressive, do not worry at this level.

I tried it with my Jag 'ICJ and a DS-1, Big Muff or Jackhammer on tube amps and transistor. This pedal does its job. Not had a chance to try it with humbuckers.


I for two years. I use it just because I do not have the opportunity. And I'm not too into the White Stripes trip. I bought it to add a little more control over my sound distortion, and I have not been disappointed. Just in the context of my group (funk / rock with two guitars) this is not very suitable, and my pedalboard is so shielded that I do not have room for a pedal as big and more. But I would have found a solution for the return. It has a cozy ambiance ...

It's a bit pricey for just an overdrive "complementary", we pay expensive germanium transistors (straw!), But compared to other pedals "handmade" overpriced, it's hard discount! I do not regret having purchased. I resservirai surely in another context that my current group.

And to reiterate, I insist on it: this pedal is not designed for use only! We need another distortion with. Alone has little potato and is not very usable. So it can be expensive "extension" to an existing pedal.