MGR/Schmooveboy 10/16/2001

Electro-Harmonix Hot Tubes : MGR/Schmooveboy's user review

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Got this pedal at Guitar and Amp Centre for £160, which seemed like a lot but its not really for an all valve distortion. However they were brand new at the time so it could go down soon

The difference in the tones is immense. I used to have a Big Muff Pi and the tones were really designed for Smashing Pumpkins type distortion but on my amp was too bassy. However this new pedal has a treble and bass control which means i can pretty much get what i want. It can rasp a bit on cheaper amps but on a tube amp it rules

The only real problem, short of the lack of a UK power supply, is the fact that on a cheap amp it sounds bad and it's not y mates Ibanez Tube King but short of that it's added to the list of Electro Harmonix pedals that i have fallen in love with

Top notch, although the valves stiv out from the top there is a sturdy feel to the cover and so it doesn't feel dodgy at all, all the dials look nice and secure on there to.

Wicked pedal but only really for all valbe or hybrid amps. Lots of tones but an annoying power supply for UK users.

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