Electro-Harmonix East River Drive
Electro-Harmonix East River Drive

East River Drive, Overdrive pedal from Electro-Harmonix.

ThibautGPP 08/14/2014

Electro-Harmonix East River Drive : ThibautGPP's user review

«  In true ??? It costs 55 € ?? »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Overdriven analog TS with volume, tone and drive. EHX nano size, a bit in the alloy chelou pedals EHX recent years. To be very picky, I find in general that the new EHX pedals do not generate the same feeling "invulnerability" that MXR models or TC Electronic, but that's just my feeling (and I'm still 4!).

I find the decor on the facade super class, but that too is subjective! Otherwise, RAS, standard.


Setup could not be more simple, I do not dwell on it.


I play a strat equipped with EMG SA. I was looking for an overdrive "Crader" slightly my clean sound. I was a little afraid of the side too medium and low light loss of SC.

The East River is a great tool. We're really in the spirit TS, but more versatile because the tone is very effective. In the first quarter was slobbering and loaded bass from 9am to 2am it is in equilibrium with senior brightened up just what it takes and mediums beyond 3 hours we arrive in this very acute.

That tone is really the pedal force, ca allows it to stick to any guitar or amp, I think, a little more than sitting in the bottom of the spectrum than TS. This is exactly what was looking for but it is taken into account according to your expectations.

The gain is also very flattering and goes further than the TS. We go from clean to slightly colored good overdrive Burne families. Gain donf, it is the AC-DC doors wholesale.

EMG SA is active pickups with a large volume of output compared to traditional strat pickups, the gain of the pedal is almost always mininimum and I ZE SOUND I was looking for.

Blues, rock, rhythm, solo, frankly everything goes without mouffeter is a treat. We can make felted Gilmour, of the dirty Frusciante, the drooling to Bonamossa, it's really crazy.

She also performs great as a booster or supplement a distortion. In my case, I plugged behind a big muff. It provides a better definition to the fuzz.


I use it for two months, it is so good I'll take a 2nd to stop changing my settings. 110 balls 2, it's still cheaper than a TS :).

Joking aside, I'm not knocking the original TS which are excellent pedals and remain a bit above in a purely blues record.

For cons, I do not see how a better quality-price-versatility, really report.

Given the price, the risk is very limited and you will not be disappointed. Go ahead try it!