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Electro-Harmonix East River Drive
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EddyTheEad EddyTheEad

«  The best green overdrive »

Publié le 11/09/14 à 09:02
This is the classic huh. For overdrive three buttons enough and it has amply demonstrated its effectiveness. That the analog (for a quality drive is required).


The manual is brief but you know what you're dealing with. Just an amazing thing to know, cutting the volume pedal below the first quarter. Bizarre but to know before returning to default. After the first is that because of the boost (more or less depending on the clean gain adjustment otherwise).
In my case I find it somewhat remarkable visual side but at this price, the boxes are all the same at Electro Harmonix. There's the sticker that changes. It reduces production costs and it's all good for the consumer wallet. Unlike Boss assembles in China more expensive concepts with at least doubtful (series WAZA EG).


So first of all I have owned many overdrives I use more to boost the saturation of my amp Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister 36 that already has a boost. So to be clear I had a Boss SD-1, a OD9 Maxon TS808 and I could also try a home EHX Soul Food (the seller sent the next day) and a Fulltone OCD and finally Xotic SL Drive (very good in booster as simulation of a Marshall Plexi) and finally the last one I sold was Audiofanzine on an EP Booster Xotic home forever. So here's the EP booster was fine but both easily accessible internal switches quickly made me regret the SL Drive which in my opinion is as well and is more customizable. But having been able to test all these pedals never find exactly shoe to my foot (leap year term;)) made me look into the TS9 EHX Version (same chip coveted by connoisseurs) and thence two seconds I knew we would be friends. Maxon a more defined and more creamy and it is exactly what I wanted. Finally a TS9 which is unobtrusive but one that also knows how terribly booster amp already saturated. The rendering is more clear and defined and that's all I wanted. I use it to his sound for the next Vintage AC / DC and Led Zep. Regarding Guns N 'Roses, Maiden Scorpions or I stay with the boost of my amp only.


Then I had a terrible luck friends. In fact I ordered a pedal Line6 M5 just for reverbs and MIDI connection and the pedal on the Musicstore site that had a labeling error and I only paid 44 €. That said for € 11 more it is worth all the Tube Screamers the world in my opinion.
I use it recently but have had an overdrive range before as I said above, I know it's the good stuff. Above all, it's like quality cables ... These are not the most expensive are necessarily the best. Do as I use Mogami 2524 to € 3.20 per meter. It is all horrible Monster Cables.
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