Fulltone OCD V1.4
Fulltone OCD V1.4

OCD V1.4, Overdrive pedal from Fulltone.

denied 07/31/2011

Fulltone OCD V1.4 : denied's user review

« Dynamic and unique sounding »

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- True bypass
- Touch sensitive
- Controls for volume, tone, drive
- HP/LP voicing switch
- Compact enclosure, easily opened
- Powered by 9v battery or Boss style adapter
- Handbuilt in California


Use-wise this is a basic OD pedal with some cool extra functionality. The OCD features standard volume, drive, and tone controls. On top of that you have a High Peak/Low Peak switch that gives you quite a bit of control over the voicing.
I’m a big fan of the enclosure, a few of the Fulltone stuff seem to be using them. Very sturdy and compact. Best of all, you don’t need a screwdriver to remove the bottom plate which is pretty handy.
Fulltone pedals handbuilt with quality components, no fear for the reliability with this one.


It sounds pretty unique, definitely not your standard TS based pedal. Fulltone have come up with something pretty cool in this one. The pedals response is very amp-like, driving harder as you dig in to the strings, much like the Catalinbread DLS or BJFE Honey Bee. It has QUITE a bit of gain on tap, especially in the high peak mode, and can get very gritty. The tone control is pretty powerful, and the HP/LP switch gives you further control over the pedal’s voicing.
Definitely works better as an actual drive pedal over a boost type application.


The Fulltone OCD is unique, highly responsive, reliable and cheap. Just about everything you want in a pedal. The sound itself seems to be a hit or miss pedal for a lot of people, with the V4 model taking some heat. But there’s definitely a reason this one has held the “flavor of the month” position a few times now. It sounds great, provides quite a bit of tonal versatility, and has a lot more gain on tap than your average OD pedal. It would not be my be-all-and-end-all drive pedal, but is definitely worth considering.

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