Ibanez TK999
Ibanez TK999

TK999, Overdrive pedal from Ibanez in the Tube King series.

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runuts 01/16/2005

Ibanez TK999 : runuts's user review


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Tube distortion pedal with built-in noise gate.
In a jack, a jack out, a big switch that not laugh, all in a big metal frame.
I removed the pedal more than once, has no worries inside, the lamp is protected by a metal cylinder.
Only false note: the 5 buttons knobs (gain, volume, equal) plastic are a bit light the trunk fairly easily. Every time I take the pedal again in my bag I found one or two buttons at the bottom of the bag. Nothing too serious, since they are beveled on the inside, and then recovering super easy to the right place.


Personal I use not the noise gate, no need.
The original lamp is actually a bit noisy in the high, but once changed (Ei elite for me) the noise generated by the pedal is quite bearable on stage or repeating. In the studio it will turn, but there are techniques for studio ca.

The Equal is very effective, the master volume super convenient, and the gain is really going on in the crunch of the overdrive up Satus evil which I am very fond (gain at 3 o'clock).


On this setting (gain at 3 o'clock, volume at noon) I love the sound.
And I can say this without blushing. I tried many distos pedals, preamps and while staying within a budget. So no mesa boogie or other Soldano, Diezel, etc. ... But boss pedals (DS1 and DS2), a fuzz factory, a tubeblower Jacques, a Bluesbreaker marshall, marshall JMP1 a more tried other pedals in the store.
It's the sound I love. The king of my tube. Shielded harmonics (I know not how, but it's the only pedal that does the same harmonics out of my guitar is impressive), very versatile, capable of heavy metal with a limit distos EQUAL V, and good 70's rock overdrive with mediums slightly raised.
For crunch, quite honestly, I prefer to push a little gain my amp (laney lc15r) and put the Bluesbreaker on. But results, with an AB / box, I have a three-channel preamp under the feet: o)


Between us is a long story:
It was my first distortion pedal. Lots of small concerts, full repeat.
And then one day I sold all my stuff to move to a system "any rack".
I then spent several years trying to find a real distortion, without blowing my budget either. I thought many times have qqchose of drinking, but not ecstasy. And then a few weeks ago, I saw a tube of King OCCAZ a € 100 on ebay. Dipstick taken by nostalgia.
The claque!
My god, I forgot how much this pedal has the sound, the one I love, sharp and warm at the same time, able to make me a bad boy.

Briefly, for those who only read the last line:
-------------- BUY THE IS A 10 / 10 ---------- --------