Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer
Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer

TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer, Overdrive pedal from Ibanez in the 9 series.

heads on fire 09/09/2011

Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer : heads on fire's user review

« Solid overdrive pedal for the money. »

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Power supply : 9V battery (S-006P) or AC adapter AC109, AC309, AC509
Power requirement : DC9V 8mA
Size : 124(D)×74(W)×53(H) mm
Weight : 570g
Volume, Tone, Gain, and Mode pots
Metal housing
Metal stomp switch

The Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer Effects Pedal features the same circuit as a TS9 Tube Screamer with 3 new settings: +, Hot, and Turbo.

This pedal is basically an overdrive with 4 different voicings.


This pedal is incredibly easy to use. After plugging in to a guitar and amp, the first thing to do is choose a mode. TS9 mode is the classic mode, + mode is like a TS9 with just a little bit "extra", Hot mode has increased low-end grind, and Turbo mode just sounds like a fire-breathing gain beast! then, dial in the amount of dirt. EQ to taste with the tone control, and set the volume control as desired.


The pedal sounds great for guitar or bass. Most players will use it as a boost, where stepping on it adds a volume jump for a solo. I like to use it as a "low end tightener" - when engaged in front of an amp that's already driven hard with plenty of gain, this will tighten up the bottom frequencies and allow the guitar to cut through.

I'm not a huge fan of the Hot or Turbo modes, as they get a bit too fizzy for me. The TS9 mode sounds like it should, very similar to old Stevie Ray Vaughan records, and the + mode is where I like to leave it.


This is a solid product from Ibanez. It comes in a durable housing, so I'm not worried about gigging it. The sound quality is great for the price, and for tone freaks that like to tinker, the pedal can be modded to upgrade the components. If one wants to outsource a component upgrade - Keeley does a great job on this particular pedal, as does Analogman. Overall, this is a great value for the price.