Marshall Bluesbreaker
Marshall Bluesbreaker

Bluesbreaker, Overdrive pedal from Marshall in the Effects series.

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lauryjo 10/29/2005

Marshall Bluesbreaker : lauryjo's user review


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- An inlet, an outlet, a drive knob, a tone was one of volume.
A trap door in the back for a 9 volt battery and an input for an external power supply.


See below


See below


It's seeing the previous opinion that I wanted to give mine.
I have this pedal for many years, I paid a pittance at the time and it made me nombrzeux of services.
It's true that if you want a distortion pedal metal sound like a Rectifier drive up, go your way.
This is a particularly effective instrument for the drive back from a tube amp slightly crunchy and do not change your sound drastically.
For my part I use it to drive up the volume and the slide of my solos, played on a telecaster 92, with 2 sensor violence in acute in series (such as double) and really it sounds.
Whatever the amp used I use it as a boost.
I also use a tube screamer (TS 9) and I think that Marshall is lighter even when the drive is cranked it saturates strong enough (relatively speaking with a JCM 800 with a 4 * 12).
In addition it is very strong because since the time I used it did not move even if I feel that the switch has shown signs of fatigue.
The tone is quite effective for correcting the sound volume if necessary and can really pass over the other especially when the drummer is a little loose ...