Mi Audio Tube Zone
Mi Audio Tube Zone
julamarre0 02/14/2010

Mi Audio Tube Zone : julamarre0's user review


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See Previous review, very comprehensive. Wonderful pedal in any case, 9 because a battery door is always best to those who feed well.


I found the setup quite complicated for me ... All or almost rglages them are interactive, which makes research difficult sometimes! I can not remember if there was a manual, it is certain that it is not necessary, the ears do the work, but that is the plug and play ... But you can be that this pedal is a rare versatility, and only with a little time pass over, or almost anything is possible.


Here we are. I use this pedal with DIFFERENT guitars, the stratum rises EMG ESP, through nighthawk Epiphone and Ibanez S. .. ENGL amp on any lights or a randall any transistors ... with or without wah, phaser, delay etc. ... brief is varied.
Simply put: from my point of view, any scratches branch in this pedal spring on any amp can give more or less any sound.

For example I made myself clear sound awful on Randall (c'tait not difficult, I admit.), I took out the ESP, and I found myself playing montgomery: the Drive 0 Sound is clean, it only remains that build a legalization of tonnre with other knobs to make a great jazz sound.
Start in hand, drive the 3 quarters tone too bright a little over a quarter boosts mids and here I am in Deep Purple and the 70's, then j'enlve a little drive, I pay the thing a little more mellow with less bright and more tone (it's crazy how these two interact knobs!), and you shiiiiiiiiine oooooooon craaaaaaazy diaaaaaamond ...!

You feel it is time to send the sauce, and just the ENGL has a little tired of waiting in his corner. ESP is resumed, this time drive tock, mid 0, bright with 3 / 4 or more, half the tone and character 0 and bam! did not Chocapic, but saturated fat level for modern power, prog, death, thrasher and maybe more, we're really in it. The solos? Tapped? Petrucci? has done all that too! good for the record it's even better when the microphones prvoir high output, because this pedal, in addition to rest, meet The characteristics of your stuff!
N'tant not a fan fuzz sounds I do not use it in this light but it is also true that you can nab these colors by mounting the tank. and lowering the bright.
I forgot to mention the volume whose range of action is dmentielle, and even if it increases the powers above 9V (I tried at 24, still shaking in my amp).
I speak no more of the game on the equalizer, the gain of the amplifier and adding other effects before and after if it has for the night, you understand that the tense borders on excessive size ... Big muff? metal zone? tube screamer? Boost? ... something else? my verdict is, as all sounds are musical and GPs.


I use it for a little over a year. I availing oneself of other pedals of various saturated, with a wonderful Hardwire metal distortion which I can hardly do without, but none can prtendre such flexibility. I love the look of the killer, his cot "ultimate weapon", the tense phnomnale gain, volume, and other rglages too. I like to spend less time to find THE sound, but the game worth the candle. the price is what it is, I think that given the quality and reliability of this pedal, the report is very good qualitprix is ​​the stuff that lasts ... I've tried others since saturated, and really, it takes its hairpin of the game, and if I leave the cot for multi-effects, I always come back, and each time it's a new surprise ... I would do so this choice, sr!