Mi Audio Tube Zone
Mi Audio Tube Zone
Jossax 01/29/2007

Mi Audio Tube Zone : Jossax's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Overdrive pedals with four advantages of saturation. No lamp.
In, Out
Volume (with a DJ in sacr Reserved 9V APRS but the manufacturer can add more in supplying up to 25V)
normissime gain crunch, a wonder in all cases.
Tone down that gre agu (+ / low-high-to low / + acute) and clearly affects the knob of mdiums
Mid mdiums that the gre
Brightness that the treble only gre
character which is actually a low knob before saturation, which allows a grain trs emissions if it is cut, or otherwise more "fuzz" Big Muff mind if it increases
Exemplary design, the LED is flashing I got too.
To change the battery requires a screwdriver.


Given the number of the particularity of Ractive and opportunities of rglages must spend time to find the sounds that everyone has in his ears.
APRS is a matter of choice, once you connate the function of each knob (they all have a substantial effect on the sound), just the rgler prcisemment .. Trs prcisemment, they are extremely sensitive


I did not crack right away ... It took me a while to rgler. And I do not t sduit immediately by the sound of the pedals alone. However APRS a little time to adapt (and research opportunities to test) and a mix I compltement crack ..
I tested it live (SansAmp GT2) and a clear channel fairly straight (ENGL) the two are excellent.
According rglages sound can be prcis, draft, dig ... Crdible in all cases.
I use it for large modern sounds. I reproached her only silent bees. But in a mix I came across a fan, what precision ....
As the re-enable ... Any means perfect, change of microphones, effect pedals ahead .. And I came across the c.. lowering the knob scratching my ... the gain decreases but the sound remains Dfine, brilliant (if the dj silent .. dynamically
Mainly for modern sounds it can do everything and everyone can find his and that on any amp, it is with this in mind, the Australian designer is working. Pari russi.


Use a few hours I wonder.
I play on guitars diffrent trs, ENGL amps, a pdalboad bordlique.
I test many of saturation pedals without ever convinced t ... L I am, I spend most of my amp saturation.
The ratio quality price is excellent! $ 180, and yes dollars because not available in France must be purchased in the United States, or on the site but there may be the time limit.