Mojo France GTO

GTO, Overdrive pedal from Mojo France.

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TheJeff666 03/14/2011

Mojo France GTO : TheJeff666's user review

«  The SOUND!! »

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Overdrive / Boost, inspired by TS, up to a very nice little fuzz. pedal boutique analog, true bypass, connectors and switches of very good quality, it exudes quality and strength. Mine is a third hand and was used extensively, it is nickel.


Config simple and very versatile pedal, no manual for me (second hand). - Knob gain: The advantage of this pedal, very Knob see too progressive. throughout the first half of the race Knob, until 2am, we are in the field of boost, with more or less fat. Knob beach is long, you can really sculpt a sound with gain and tone, a treat for clean ... After two hours, the race between the Knob in the overdrive to go to a really nice little fuzz. - Knob tone: attention is special and active, the neutral is at noon, and left it hollow mediums, they are inflated to the right ... the choice of frequencies is very well chosen, we can carve any type of sound, the result is always the interaction with the Knob gain is very important. - Knob volume: ben ... Knob volume so ...


It is simply enormous ... I wondered if we had changed the pickups on my guitar without the knowledge of my own free will by trying it, the Texas Special humbuckers I had a sudden ... Whether boost in overdrive, or even in the fuzz, it's hot, very precise, round or sharp according to the regulation of the tone, not compression in the bottom of the spectrum, the bandwidth is very wide, a response the dynamics and volume micro incredible. This pedal nearly dethroned my Catalinbread Super Chile Picoso boost as it said. Upstream of a distortion pedal, overdrive, a fuzz or a hi gain preamp, the foot is needed, the mojo GTO is perfectly transparent, and the personality of the game, guitar or Pedals used are completely transcribed, there's just more dynamic, precision, grain ... Live in the clean channel tube amps, it's just happiness, it goes from a super clean sound to a nasty riff into overdrive with just the dynamics of the game are superb bass without any compression.


You understand, I love this pedal. MOJO the GTO is a must whether in boost or overdrive. For use only with a tube amp, your guitar and your pedals will find new life with this pedal, and I'm not talking about your game .. Since I have, I do not use my compressor, and me who likes to abuse and stack effects, I find myself playing only on the GTO in clean mojo ... I even quote the previous review: "The sound is very precise, more than distal draft, every note comes out of the mix is ​​exactly that ,...", with the warmth and class and more ... to 180 € in nine is already a very good deal given the quality and versatility of this pedal. I found it at 100 € secondhand, I may be in buying one in nine have a second ... PS: mine is a special series (royal blue and steel blue, sails attached pictures), numbered 9 / 10, I do not know how special she is, but if anybody knows I want to hear it .. .. I will publish this notice if I learned ....

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