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[BKFR] Up to 60% off at Overloud

Overloud is offering important discounts on most of its products for Black Friday.

While the newly released TH3 is still at its introductory price and the price of the ReMatrix IR Libraries are not affected either by these offers, all other Overloud products have seen their prices dramatically reduced by at least half for the occasion, including:

  • the Rematrix reverb available for €149/$179
  • Mark Studio 2 (bass amp/fx suite) available for €69/$69
  • SpringAge (spring reverb) at €39/$39
  • BReverb 2 for €119/$99
  • VKFX (keyboard-oriented vintage effects suite) at €59/$59

Different bundles are also available at discounted prices:

  • Guitar Bundle (TH3 + Mark Studio 2): €229/$229 (48% off)
  • Complete Reverb Bundle (including BREVERB 2, REmatrix and SpringAge): €249/$299 (56% off)
  • Overloud Bundle (TH3, Mark Studio 2, BREVERB 2, REmatrix, SpringAge and VKFX): €449/$499 (60% off)

Offer expires with the weekend (should be November 29, right?). More details at www.overloud.com.

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